Jace Ridley is a writer, designer, transmedia artist, pirate captain, and part time anthropomorphic personification. He lives in the Philadelphia Suburbs with his son and their feline and canine overlords.

He’s a Storyteller. Anything else is just details…

Oh you wanted details? Okay then.

Raised by his single father from a very young age, he was quickly introduced to all things science fiction, fantasy, and everywhere in between. Drawing on inspiration from a lifetime of Star Trek, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Dune, Comic Books, and classic video games, he quickly moved into many current fandoms, taking up residence among the Critters, Whovians, the Supernatural Fans, the Potterheads and so so SO many others.

He’s also deeply tired of talking about himself in the third person. So let’s move on from that..

I love stories of all kinds. Some people play video games for the challenge, but by and large, I play for the stories. I read comics for the stories, not the art. Story, to me, is everything. I imbue everything I create with a personal backstory of some kind, from my time in photography to my more current projects in game design and, of course, writing. 

To that end, I love world building and creating places for stories to take place.

I’ve been writing since a young age, but nothing that really amounted to much until I started sitting down and really trying to organize what I wanted into real outlines that made it easier to follow. I start with broad strokes and key details, and then I let the story tell itself. It’s produced some interesting twists and turns, which you will be able to read more about here on my website in the coming months. 

Since getting more serious, I’ve released my first novel, been able to work in the game design industry on various projects, and on twitch as a streamer, with many more projects in the shoot.


If you’re not familiar with Twitch, you should be. I stream gaming, map making, and audience interactive games and activities on a regular basis. Please visit the links below to keep up with all the information you’ll need and click on the banner to be brought directly to my channel.

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